At ELS Legal, our team of Legal Consultants have a deep understanding of labor laws, providing affordable services at a highly exceptional level of professionalism.

The Employment Law Project is our group of Legal Consultants dedicated to helping Filipino workers with their legal rights and issues, as well as providing legal documents for NLRC complaints at a reduced cost from normal lawyers.

Many Filipinos experience bad HR management and illegal practices. On average, 8 people every hour are terminated from their jobs. Half of them are dismissed illegally, but do not know enough of the Labor Code to object to or challenge the company’s decision.

And on the other side of the coin, many small businesses and companies do not fully understand their obligations to their employees, as laid out by the Labor Code. This often leads to poor practices and illegal terminations, which could easily be avoided.

We are only able to give advice on legal issues and practices within the realms of the Labor Code.

We understand that salaries are often not enough to pay the huge expenses of a lawyer if you have a legal dispute with your employer. Here at the Employment Law Project, we offer free legal advice on all aspects of employment law for employees.

We also offer a document writing service for NLRC filings, position papers/depositions, affidavits, and many other legal papers at a fraction of the cost of a law firm.

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Disclaimer: Any free advice given here is not legally binding and in no way forms any kind of client-attorney relationship. Remember, if in doubt always seek the advice of an IBP registered attorney.